A History report about Hammurabi.

We are doing research about people we are learning about in Social Studies. I picked someone name Hammurabi. He is the king of Babylon in 18000 B.C. He was also the ruler who chiefly established the greatness of Babylon, the world’s first metropolis.

The river civilization that Hammurabi belongs to is the Euphrates. The Euphrates river flooded radiocarbon dated to about 2900 B.C.The Euphrates river is 1700 miles/2700 kilometers long.The Euphrates river is one of the most important rivers in the world, because it provided much of the water that supported the development of Ancient Mesopotamia.

The main impact that Hammurabi made was the code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi‘s Code is 44 columns of text, 28 paragraphs of which contain the actual code. Hammurabi was significant, because it allowed ANYONE to read and understand the laws that governed their lives in Babylon. Hammurabi died in 1750 B.C.

These are some of the websites that I got my information from….







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What i read today that was interesting….

I’m reading a book called A Blue Eyed Daisy. What i read that was interesting today was…. A little girl named Ellie  that is eleven years old and she has  four sisters and her dad is a drunk. He stared drinking so much because he got injured in a mining accident. So that meant that he couldn’t hut, and he loved to hunt. One day he brought home a hunting dog and he named it Bullet. Ellie, the little girl was sitting by here dad, when he was sober, and asked him if he would take her hunting for the first time… because she never went hunting before.

So he did.. they went hunting but they were just gonna kill like squirrels and rabbits, they already knew that they were not  going to  get no deer. But a big deer came close by and she wanted to shot it because she knew that it would make her dad happy but she also knew that she probably would miss it….. and she tried and she did miss! :[

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The plot of Hoot…

In reading workshop we have an assignment… We have to write about the plot of the book that we are reading. So I have to write the plot of  Hoot because  thats what i’m reading.

It is about a boy name Roy, who moves to a school called Trace Middle. He is a new kid in a big school. The very first time he rides the bus he gets bullied by a kid named Dana Matheson. When that dana kid is smashing roys head into the window Roy noticed  a running boy.. he thought that the boy looked a little strange because the boy was straw blond and wiry, and his skin was nut-brown from the sun. The expression on his face was intent and serious. He wore a faded Miami Heat basketball jersey and dirty khaki shorts, and here was the odd part.. no shoes. The soles of his feet looked as black as barbecue coals.

So Roy tries to figure out who he is, where he lives, and just things about him.

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My class trip to Washington D.C.

When I went to Vinton County in the 5th grade we took a class trip to Washington D.C. It was lots of fun!!! I got to see a lot of statues. I took my camara so I could take pictures of everything. we rode in a tour bus, it took us like nine hours to get there. We got to stay in a motel with our friends but there was rules….. we could only pick four friends to stay in one room…. and we had to be in bed with lights out by 10:00. That part wasnt very fun but in the morning we had to wake up early to go eat breakfast then head off to go explore Washington D.C.

If you wanted to got then you had to pay 350 dollars, then if you were going then we had the opportunity to bring extra money to spent… like at gift shops.. or at the candy stores in the mall. I got to bring 300 to spend. I got a shirt a hat and lots more….Everyone who went got three different shirts to wear  each day, because we stayed for three days. They were all different colors…like one shirt was bright yellow, another one was bright orange and the last one was white. The reason for that is so we didn’t get mixed up with the other people who were walking and if we got lost then all we had to do was look for them shirts.


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They are always there for you

when you need them the most,

the got your back no matter what,

they are a shoulder to cry on,

someone to talk to,

they stick with you

through thick and thin.

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The big game…..

I’m at the foul line

getting ready to shoot the ball,

two seconds and the game is over,

everyone is counting on me,

the pressure is on,

I’m really nervous,

I’m sweating like crazy,

but it’s now or never,

so I bend my knees and start to shoot…..

And I made the winning point.

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My ideas for writing a poem.

These are some ideas that I have for writing a poem :

1. My four mean brothers.

2. My big sisters

3.  My best friend that died

4. My old school, Vinton county

5. My little cat, Gracie

6.   My cheerleading  competition in Columbus.

7. When I broke my leg at a cheerleading competition.

8. My new dog Bailey.

9. My pool parties in the summer.

10.my basketball games.

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